The Golem's Eye by Jonathan Stroud

The Golem's Eye - Jonathan Stroud

Pages: 562.

Genre: YA Fantasy.

First Sentence: "At dusk, the enemy lit their campfires one by one, in greater profusion than on any night before." 


Summary: It has been a few years since Nathaniel and Bartimaeus last met, and since then, Nathaniel has made a name for himself in the British government. He has been tasked with putting a stop to the Resistance, a rebel group that has been embarrassing the government with their raids and attacks on the magicians. Although Nathaniel had promised Bartimaeus he would never summon the djinni again, Nathaniel finds himself in need of a competent demon in a hurry, and the only one that comes to mind is Bartimaeus.


Review: While I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series, The Amulet of Samarkand, The Golem's Eye did not live up to my expectations. Nathaniel is 14, and is going through an awkward stage in his life. This teenage angst combined with the fact that he has lost sight of his morals while moving up in the government made him a rather annoying character to read. While the chapters that were told from his point of view were interesting, that was more due to what was happening to Nathaniel, as opposed to how he reacted to the events.


I was also hoping for more camaraderie between the characters. Nathaniel and Bartimaeus bicker quite a bit, just as in the last book, but they didn't exhibit a lot of team work while trying to bring down the Resistance. The one character interaction I was interested in (Kitty and Bartimaeus) was too brief and located at the end of the book. The relationship those characters had was what I wanted to see between Nathaniel and Bartimaeus. 


Some people will probably say, yes, Anna, that's the point of this novel, and perhaps the third one will be about them all coming together and growing up and sticking to their ideals. Well, whatever. It was too much of a drag for me, personally, which is a shame because I thought the first book was pretty fab.


The plot was great, but dragged on a bit at the beginning. Altogether, not a terrible book, but definitely a let down. 


tl;dr: Magicians, demons, a rebellion, and angst. 


Rating: 3/5.