Whale Season

Whale Season - N.M. Kelby So, a lot of people are comparing N.M. Kelby to Carl Hiaasen. I’ve never read anything by Hiaasen, so to me, this book didn’t really seem like a cheap imitation of anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed Whale Season. I thought the characters and setting were all original and captivating to read about. And although the plot seemed to be a little out there at times, I found that it was unrealistic in the way that the “Weird News” section of your local newspaper is also rather unrealistic.

Some have also complained about the length of the book as well, but I thought it was just fine. A quick read during the busy holiday season is fine by me. In fact, I wouldn’t mind reading more about the characters and what their lives were like after the events of Whale Season. Which is not to say that the novel ended abruptly or anything; I just found myself very attached to all of the characters.

I’m looking forward to reading more of N.M. Kelby’s work!